My blog. I do love a good cup of tea, Snow Monkey Plum is one of my favorites, and I love to indulge in reading children’s literature. I have been a teacher and I encourage reading a good book to replenish a relaxing soul and inspire a creative mind. As a mother of ages 4, 6, and 8, I am reading lots of books at many levels and desire to find the favorites of each of my different style boys. I am always running into those who want to know more books that could interest their child. If you’d like to know more good selections of books for children and maybe even tea tidbits, please read on.

I live in a small town and I love a small town connection. That is why I encourage you to visit your local bookstore and support them. There is something about the engaging atmosphere of a little, local run bookstore or the library of course, that is so much more than a web-cart special. And, I do believe that most local bookstores give discounts to their returning customers, even for trade ins.

Most of my entries on books are given an age to identify what I feel is the interest level and not the reading level. There may be some readers under or above what I have picked and that is all good. Please read more about each book and choose what is right for you.