First Great Readers!


I am having the best time with a Saturday Reading Academy of first graders! Our goal is to inspire reading to young challenged readers through Readers’ Theater. I am a fan of Readers’ Theater and love to partake as much as possible when teaching. Although getting those firsties to begin reading with voice is a bit of a challenge. But seek no further! Mo Willems has some support your way with Elephant and Piggie books! (AKA: author of the hilariously funny Pigeon books) I simply read one color of the big speech bubbles and the group in front of me reads the other. The print is large enough to all read on the carpet and no need for any other equipment.

They love being Piggie or Gerald the Elephant. He makes reading so fun but when first graders can play along and read the o-so-funny and easy word conversations, it is a charmer for reading with those challenged readers. The next best thing is that they are so excited to buddy read with someone else and play parts. Gosh. I do, do, do love Piggie and Elephant! Thanks Mo!

We read these two one Saturday. But my first love began in a bookstore when I read with my own kids side by side. I had tears of fun and joy when reading….see post “More Mo! More Mo! in K-First”


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