Operation Redwood

imagesI’d like to share a review from my son. I just can’t keep up with reading all the books he reads and this one has been on my list for a long time. I love that it is about a young person who wants to make a difference. Which I believe is what really changes the world. I couldn’t have said it better. Here is my son’s review for his kid newspaper:

I just recently read this book and I wondered if our audience would like it. The name of this book is Operation Redwood By S. Terrell French. This book is a good book because although it is fiction, it tells about real events. Such as Julia Butterfly Hill who… Ha ha ha. I can’t tell you what she did because you haven’t read the book. But you’re going to like it because in the story she inspires the main character to go for the GUSTO and reach high. This is a story about friendship, loyalty, hacking (just a little), disappearing forests and little sisters. But mostly it proves that if you go far enough (even if you’re a kid) you can make the difference that can change the world.

Thanks Wes. A great review!


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