Turtle in Paradise… Warms The Winter


Alas, the summer has gone far away with the windy, wet weather. Even with the warm Oregon rain, I find myself looking back to summer.  I guess it has been a long time since posting. I was almost ready to give up when I ran into one follower this summer, (that is not one of my dear friends.) She is an avid reader of about 12. I said I was sorry I was not able to post and I would tell her my best book read recently.  It was a wonderful surprise as they had just read this same book but on tape. It was marvelous to discuss the connections we liked and then she shared how it was great to share in the car with her parents. I love books on tape! It is great to share a story with a family while traveling.  This might help everyone think warm thoughts.

Okay, if you miss summer or just want a good book that sets your mind on blue waters and adventure then this is it. Don’t let the lovely cover scare you to thinking it is only a girl book. It really is a tomboyish character who holds her own with a group of misbehaving boy cousins. I think it is a great book for boys and girls. Super for read-aloud or on tape!

This historical story is set in Key West, Florida in 1935. There is enough adventure with sights of treasure, keeping the Diaper Gang at arms length, and making it through a storm which bands the town together. Most my favorite stories  connect to family. Caught between a mother  chasing dreams and finding herself in hot new surroundings Turtle begins to be thankful for family and comes out of her shell. Being family is sometimes hard but ‘O’-so-very-important. Much is learned in this charming novel but in a very rambunctious way, keeping the pages turing.



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