Pickle Impossible

I found this book title on a book list and thought it looked great for an adventure set in France for middle grade readers. It is full of kidnapping, get-a-ways, and near misses from hang gliding villain types to mysterious plans in the mountains. All along with a jar of pickles in hand. I loved it! What a fun read with quite a new story line. And it is all about saving the family heritage too. It’s just a good book with perilous adventure seeking to do good deeds.

Recently I took this book on a 6th grade substitute job, I started reading the 3rd chapter where the most action started. The kids worked quietly, on task and pleaded for me to read more. We could not finish but they made me stop at the Librarian’s desk to give her the title so they could finish the story some day.  This is the author’s first book and so it does not get much publicity. Ask for it and get it on your library list or bookstore order.



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5 responses to “Pickle Impossible

  1. Hi Amy,

    Very glad you and your substitute class liked my book! I’d be happy to do a Skype author visit for your class any time. Nice blog too – I enjoyed reading the other posts. You’re welcome to contact me at elistutz at gmail dot com.

    All the best,

    Eli Stutz

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  3. Hi Eli,
    This is exciting! I look forward to making a Skype opportunity possible. Look for an email soon. My three son’s also loved the book and that’s why I took it along. I love sharing books about neat kids doing fun, amazing things and Pickle Impossible has it all! We look forward to your next upcoming book. Thanks so much for your visit.

    Tea and jam,

  4. On our summer reading list. Peace and Peaches Amy!

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