Each Little Bird That Sings

Sometimes you get done with a book and it reveals a little touch of faith, an empowering event of personhood and just a delightful breath of goodness that is told in a story about someone’s life, that is somewhat in all of life. Deborah Wiles is one to have captured such surety in this book.

A  girl named Comfort with a dog named Dismay, who finds out just what life can challenge when a sniffling cousin named Peach who can annoy and take down just about any funeral service with snorting tears and somehow it ends in joy. Comfort finds friendship, loses friendship, loves friendship and ultimately gives friendship when she least desires. As a result she gains the understanding of true service. A family motto in the funeral business, ” We live to serve.”

I love this book. I hope you do too.




Filed under 4th - 5th Grade, Middle School

2 responses to “Each Little Bird That Sings

  1. Kathy

    Thanks for letting me know about your blog, Amy! Have just read a few of your reviews and am inspired to check out the audio book as well as Each Little Bird That Sings. THANK YOU! Your timing is perfect, as I am trying to figure out what books to bring to my 5th grade classroom this year. Read alouds, as well as for book circles. PERFECT timing. ( :

    • I am so glad you had a chance to visit. There are great discussion questions at the end of this book. Also questions at the end of Mother Daughter Bookclub, a recent parallel to Little Women.(see 5th grade tag) I hope you keep coming and sharing. It inspires me to review more!

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