Super Hero Saves the Day!

I’ve got to say that this book is quite funny, creative and on my top list for boys 3rd- 6th grade. If you ever wanted to have a friend with an odd but exciting talent, then this book will have you amazed.  Everyone is interesting to Ordinary boy who doesn’t seem to have any special powers to fight off villains in a city of all superheros. Everyone at school knows he doesn’t have any powers or abilities but his loving superhero parents love him anyway. Friends like Stench, Tadpole and Plasma Girl keep him in good spirits when the villains attack but they are surprised that even an ordinary boy can help fight off the most evil villain, Dr. Brain Drain and save the city from disaster, while also saving the ego of the most sought after superhero idol. (All this with the help of family, friends and other do-gooders of course.)

This story uncovers some big questions like; who ever wins a cereal box contest? and how many tries does it really take to reach 1000 tickets for a prize in an arcade? Who is really behind the answers to these questions is quite dastardly. Even a closer look of what happens in a community when ‘scarcity’ creeps around the corner is shared in a fun way. You’ll never spit watermellon seeds the same way after you read this. And of course, you will want to read the next two books. Now go and save the day! Read a good book.


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Filed under 2nd - 3rd Grade, 4th - 5th Grade, Middle School

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