Books at Christmas

Oh bummer, I missed sharing the holiday books that I love to share at Christmas time. Call me a scrooge but I did pull my favorites out for my own coffee table. I like to change the scene even in the book case or shelf to get my readers reading fun Christmas classics or just fun books for the season. I must have got caught up in the holiday bustle to tell you all. Even with this year as quick as it was, I made several trips to the local bookstore to get my essentials for Christmas giving.

Here are a few classic novels and picture books I think of this time of year:

Swiss Family Robinsons, Johann David Wyss (5th-8th)

Little House in the Big Woods, Laura Ingalls Wilder (2nd-4th)

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, by Barbara Robinson (3rd-5th)

The Light at Tern Rock(Newbery) by Julia L. Sauer (2nd-4th)

Stanley’s Christmas Adventure, by Jeff Brown (1st-2nd)

Pirate School Yo-Ho-Ho, by Brian James (1st-3rd)

The Donkey’s Dream, by Barbara Helen Berger (toddler-5th)

Snowmen at Christmas, by Caralyn Buehner (toddler-5th)

They all share about the Christmas miracle that sends hope and inspires a sense of family. I think they are great to read aloud together and they are good fast reads for the independent reader. It is an excellent time to get these books on sale for next year, plan ahead, or enjoy the Christmas time a little longer. Especially if we were too busy to take time to sit and share during the holiday rush, try one of these to help you make it through the new year transition.


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