Graphic Novels

Many of you may be familiar with, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” as a graphic novel. It is easy to read and helps reluctant or beginning readers to read quickly and with ease. This style of book is a great bridge from picture books and small chapter books to novel reading. There are a combination of pictures and paragraphs to a page. This leads the readers to read on and on, even after six pages.

I would like to share some of our family favorite graphic novels that are not quite as popular but are very fun to read. They caught the interest of my budding reader and entertained the rest of us when we read it out loud together. I find that some small publishers have some very good finds in books but are not always mainstreamed and put on the top media shelf. So, I say that we should keep our eyes out in new places. Look under some book shelves and not always on the displays. (Or keep checking out my blog.)

Mammoth Academy (series) by Neal Layton

Great comic pictures that tell a fun story of a mammoth going to school for the first time. Prehistoric animals battle the humans and it is just plain funny things, like snowball fights and caveman discoveries you never heard of.

Letters from Camp Lizard by Regan Johnson

This lizard tale shared many kinds of lizards and the real things that are important to friends. Knowing how to be friends with the folks that are different than you, accepting those differences and balancing the common goods of friendship are just some of the basics learned at camp.

Captain Fact by Knife and Packer

This story shares the secret identity of a superhero with illuminous facts of interest in a fun way. Watch out! Fact Man will have a fact-attack while on a crazy superhero adventure and you just might learn something more.



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2 responses to “Graphic Novels

  1. Caroline Harris

    Hi Amy. Thanks for this info on the graphic novels. My son was a reluctant reader, and although he is reading at grade-level now, his favorite type of books are comics and graphic novels. However, I have found it difficult to find books that I find appropriate for him to read. Now we have a few more that I think he will love!

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