A Wrinkle in Time 5th to 8th grade

A classic fantasy/science fiction by M. L’Engle.

Have you ever picked up a book after putting it down before finishing for a few weeks, months or even years. I remember starting this book long ago when I was in grade school and for some reason I did not finish it. Sometimes people or kids are just too busy or the book does not have interest at the time. I have a variety of reasons sometimes but I am always glad to get back to a good story and I am even more glad when I finish. Recently I finished! What I found was it truly is like the ‘wrinkle of time’ as I turned the pages and I was taken back to the first time I entered the story.

This author entwines quite a mysterious connection of planets but it also connects some incredibly real emotions that share how a family supports one another and helps each other grow. Making choices that change the future, impact the present and give one more chance of hope are some of this books essential threads.

A Wrinkle in Time, though it may not answer all your questions of deep it may in fact take you to places you never heard of. Possible? Maybe. Some say this is a coming of age book that shares the discovery of identity and making choices, even taking on almost unbeatable odds. I was thrilled to have read it all the way through and I do not know why I put it down in the first place. Pick this one up, and if you put it down then make sure one day you finish. It is only a wrinkle of time.


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