Polly Horvath! Great Girl Reads, 3rd-6th grade

Polly Horvath, Polly Horvath, Polly Horvath!  She has been on my favorite list because I have really fallen in love with her style of quirky lovable characters that just take you on wandering paths and adventures you never knew existed. (kinda like my run on sentences, but she is much better at word work than I.) I began reading her Newberry Honor book(2002), Everything on a Waffle. I love sharing this book because everyone who I know, who reads it, is so caught up in it. Believing in truth, believing in family, believing the good will come is just a powerful good theme. It is a delightful book, like everything is better when on top of a waffle.  Oh my, such charm to her words.

This lead me to read her next book, My One Hundred Adventures. Again she uses quirky characters that each have a charm to them and they make me smile because they are so real like the people I have down the road or at the local store. I know they have a story and I think I would like to hear it someday.

Then of course, I had to read her sequel, Northward to the Moon. This book took the same characters and twisted a whole new story, as sometimes happens when we meet new people. I love how she always takes travels with people and she shares the surprise of how people can all be so connected in some way. Although it is definitely strange how people are connected, and at the same time it is comforting.   In this story,when people go on paths together, doors open or close but it is the ones who stay at our side that make our lives most interesting.  This makes for a very real book and quite a captivating tale. I am looking forward to the next!

Three cheers for, Polly Horvath! Polly Horvath! Polly Horvath! (She really does have a fun name to cheer.)

Some books by Polly Horvath:

  • Everything on a Waffle
  • My One Hundred Adventures
  • Northward to the Moon


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